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Theory for Anything v. Theory of Everything

In the Postmodern Spirituality blog I pasted a quote from Mark about how he approaches integral theory. He prefers the TFA v. the TOE for the reasons listed in that post. See Mark’s interview here Here is a similar view … Continue reading

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Agency and interiors

One of the difficulties I have with Wilber’s holon theory is the definition of agency and interior. Now I must confess I’m relying on my memory and Wilber may very well have further defined these terms, but here goes anyway… … Continue reading

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Holons & AQAL

I decided to move the comments below to this new post, as it begins a new line of inquiry. Andy Smith Says: August 4th, 2006 at 2:53 pm eEdward: “Technically holons have as their other set of duality agency-communion, which … Continue reading

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Social Holons, the NLP approach – Ray

In just reading the comments by Mark to Edward’s recent post – I don’t believe there is a collective monad, or whatever you want to call it. A collective makes decisions through a complex process of conscious, semi-conscious and unconscious … Continue reading

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Social Holonic Agency

Edward Berge: I’ve cut an pasted my last comments on the topic from the forum, as I’m trying to get a discussion going in there: At there is an article called “Ken Responds to Recent Critics: Edwards, Myerhoff and … Continue reading

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