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Sri Aurobindo on Integral Realisation

The following passage from The Life Divine pretty aptly sums up the distinction between the relative and the divine consciousness: We, human beings, are phenomenally a particular form of consciousness, subject to Time and Space, and can only be, in … Continue reading

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Hypersexuality and moral confusion

Came across an interesting report whilst researching the effects of Ice (methamphetamine) on sexual urges. It was an unexpected result of my search because it was a discussion of the incidence of hypersexuality in children with bipolar disorder. The link … Continue reading

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Siddhis, scepticism and hard evidence

Writing the replies to the ‘Correct view’ thread got me thinking about the objective evidence for a metaphysical reality. Now I know this will immediately create some angst about reductionism, but I’m not the one making the claim of miracles … Continue reading

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2007 AUM Conference

CIIS will be sponsering this and it will be held at IONS in Petaluma CA, a mere 35-minute drive for me. Yes, it’s an advertisement but there will be a lot of “integral” presentations and workshops ranging from the Aurobindian … Continue reading

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Blog rules?

This question arises from some previous comments in another thread, enclosed below. This whole rules idea has opened my own can of worms, which by virtue of my being an author here you now get to suffer through. Eww, worms? … Continue reading

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Call for contributors

If you are interested in authoring a main post at OI and willing to carry the conversation forward please contact James Burke. His email address can be found in the “About” page. Much as I like hearing the sound of … Continue reading

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Derrida and nonduality by Desilet

The above is the title of a new essay at Integral World. I’ve provided some key excerpts below, while editing Desilet’s comments about the Open Integral discussion on the topic to the end. Desilet’s characterization is interesting in light of … Continue reading

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Correct view?

“It is only after having understood the view correctly that correct Buddhist mediation can take place.” Below are excerpts from an interesting article on the differences between Hindu and Buddhist “enlightenment.” It starts with the differences of how they conceptualize … Continue reading

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Temenos, sub-phases and integral

So Ray, I have a question about Temenos. I am going by memory here, as I don’t have time this morning to go back to the essay for accuracy but I wanted to get this party started.  Like Ken has … Continue reading

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States, stages, perspectives and nonduality

Forgive me for going on about this, but here is yet another example of how I’m not understanding Ken’s usages. And of course this is all related to several other topics I’ve begun but with its own twist.We have the Wilber-Combs … Continue reading

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