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How much for that spiritual practice in the window?

The issue of selfless service has come up which raises another question for me. Marko emphasized that we must not have a goal in mind when performing it, that we must give this service freely. And this has traditionally been the … Continue reading

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Is self-transformation self-centered?

  The following excerpt is from a book review by Mark D. Wood of “Healing deconstruction: Postmodern thought in Buddhism and Christianity” edited by David Loy. It seems Wood’s critiques could equally apply to the main preoccupations in the emerging integral … Continue reading

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Abuse of enlightenment? Enlightened abuse?

It seems a new thread has emerged from an old one so I copied and pasted here. You know my thoughts on enlighenment are “bah humbug” so I’ll stay out of this one.  Andy Smith Says: December 26th, 2006 at 6:17 am … Continue reading

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From Ignorance to a larger Integral Wholeness, Power, and Truth

The following passage by Sri Aurobindo (from The Life Divine Book 2, ch.19 “Out Of the Sevenfold Ignorance to the Sevenfold Knowledge”, was posted by Tusar on his Savitri Era Open Forum blog.  It may be pertinent to the current … Continue reading

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An Integral Approach to Enlightenment and beyond.

I’ve recently become very interested in Sri Ramana Majarshi, whom I contacted via Gangaji.  See my Integral Transformations blog for more.  As a result I find myself feeling the non-contradiction between the respective revelations of Maharshi and Sri Aurobindo. On … Continue reading

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The God delusion

My blog writing has slowed because I’m now well into my novel. My protagonist is now in the Gaza strip and is about to be taken to an Ishraqiya Sufi meeting on the outskirts of Gaza city. He is being … Continue reading

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Enlightened secular humanism

This will be a rambling post – but there is a point. I’ve been away in Sydney researching my novel. By coincidence the Sydney Theatre Company put on an extraordinary play – an 8 hour long adaptation of Ovid’s ‘Metamorphoses’ … Continue reading

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Are mystical states transrational?

Consider the possibility that so-called trans-personal mystical states are really just highly developed translative skills of lower developmental levels, and that the intepretation that they are transpersonal is a retro-romantic, regressive recontextualization. Perhaps we need to integrate these states, but … Continue reading

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Postmodern/Postmetaphysical Spirituality

As this is verging on a new topic I’m creating a new post from my last few comments in another post. It seems there is an emerging pomo spirituality that has been elucidated by Benedikter in his Integral World 5-part … Continue reading

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My perspective on Consciousness

I’ve been following the consciousness thread with some interest and contemplating what I might want to contribute to the discussion. At first I held back because I didn’t think I had anything ‘new’ to add. But as I thought about … Continue reading

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