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Personal reflections on integral

I find these days that I’m becoming less and less interested in this thing called “integral.” It seems like a fad that has come and is now going, fading into the sunset with bellbottom jeans and long sideburns. It was … Continue reading

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New integral blog: Integral Praxis

There’s a new blog in town called Integral Praxis. Here is their description from the “about us” section: This blog is a joint project. Integral Praxis is the offical homepage of the Integral Research Group (IRG). IRG is an innovative … Continue reading

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Dzogchen, Madhyamika, Shentong & Rigpa

I’m having a discussion with a Dzogchen practitioner and scholar about the nature of rigpa, which he says is not metaphysical yet it is still unconditioned. I brought up the rangtong-shentong debate (see Jackson below), because it seems that Dzogchen … Continue reading

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Ibn Sayyad

Had an interesting morning in the glorious surrounds of the State Library of Victoria, one of the great libraries. A new book by Irving Zeitlin called ‘The Historical Muhammad’. It’s more or less a review of the literature and he … Continue reading

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