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Ka – and integral arts

Just saw a documentary on the production of the Cirque du Soleil’s new show in Las Vegas called Ka! I was astounded. If there is an integral art form it is one that combines multiple disciplines. Ka! is a fine … Continue reading

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Sex is a skill that must be taught

Okay, so here’s where I’m at today. I was up late so my body clock is all over the place. I’ve been deep into writing my novel but I’ve reached a kind of writer’s block, well really a period of … Continue reading

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Moral absolutes and postconventional moral reasoning

Thinking further about some of the responses to the abuse thread has me thinking that in the area of sexual morality many people fall back to a conventional moral reasoning position, so I thought I’d put a dilemma to you … Continue reading

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Abuse of enlightenment? Enlightened abuse?

It seems a new thread has emerged from an old one so I copied and pasted here. You know my thoughts on enlighenment are “bah humbug” so I’ll stay out of this one.  Andy Smith Says: December 26th, 2006 at 6:17 am … Continue reading

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Blurring Fact and Fiction: Telling Stories about I-I

Thanks to Integral Options for directing me to this link:

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From Ignorance to a larger Integral Wholeness, Power, and Truth

The following passage by Sri Aurobindo (from The Life Divine Book 2, ch.19 “Out Of the Sevenfold Ignorance to the Sevenfold Knowledge”, was posted by Tusar on his Savitri Era Open Forum blog.  It may be pertinent to the current … Continue reading

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What does the Integral Movement represent?

Joe has made the valid comment that my wiki write-up covers different Integral schools of thought, but there should also be a separate write-up on ”Integral as a movement”.  i.e. what does Integral mean as a movement with an overall … Continue reading

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Overall Altitude?

Altitude is an important idea in integral theory and practice, and one that causes quite a bit of heated debate. In IS Ken uses consciousness per se (CPS) and an overall marker of one’s general altitude. This seems to replace the … Continue reading

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The Integral movement – new page at Integral Wiki

Everyone – here’s a quick page I wrote at Integral Wiki Basically building on my blog post “Diversity of the Integral Movement”.  Feel free to edit this wiki page!  If your name isn’t there and feel that it should be, please … Continue reading

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Integral Wiki

Not sure how many people here know about the Integral Wiki, but it’s a worthy project worth contributing to:  

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