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George Herbert Mead

Jurgen Habermas took great pains to refute the philosophy of the subject as metaphysical thinking. To do so he made ample use of Mead, devoting an entire chapter to him in his book Postmetaphysical Thinking (MIT Press, 1993). Following are … Continue reading

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What "is" the differance?

It struck me that Derrida’s descriptions of khora and differance sound reminiscent of Wilber’s description of consciousness per se in Integral Spirituality (Shambhala, 2007). For example Wilber says in Chapter 2: “This happens to fit nicely with the Madhyamaka-Yogachara Buddhist … Continue reading

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Context-transcendent meaning?

Here are some posts from a discussion by this name at the IPS forum: bonnitta: I am researching a working paper tentatively called “The search for context-transcedent meaning.” In this post-metaphysical age, is there any context – independent knowledge or … Continue reading

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Con & decon pomo continued

I will be referencing some sources in this post that were cited in the comments section from the last post, so check out those comments for the citations. And all of this comes from my posts at the IPS discussion … Continue reading

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Constructive and deconstructive postmodernism

Continuing the theme from the postformal enaction post, Hampson in his Integral Review article “Integral re-view postmodernism” (link in previous post) discussed how Wilber distinguishes construction and deconstructive postmodernism. The latter is a lower level of postformal development (green) while … Continue reading

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Mark Edwards’ Ph.D. dissertation

can be found at this link: “An integral metatheory for organisational transformation.” In Chapter 8.4 he details the inadequacies of the AQAL model. On p. 224 he lists lenses that are missing, including system dynamics, social mediation, postmodern decentering and … Continue reading

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What is postformal enaction?

Commons et al recently published an article that is available at Integral World called “Why postformal stages of development are not formal but postformal.” To justify this claim they use the mathematical model of hierarchical complexity (MHC). The rationale is … Continue reading

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More on dynamic systems

Here’s a link to a very technical paper called “The ‘dynamic turn’ in cognitive linguistics.” The abstract: “The introductory sections of this paper ask the following basic questions about the proper goals of linguistic theory: Why did linguistic structuralism fail … Continue reading

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