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The two truths of Nagarjuna

Ken sees nonduality as the integration of the absolute and relative realms. But it’s in how Ken frames the absolute and relative wherein I think Nagarjuna might differ. Ken sees the absolute causal realm as an ultimate and unchanging, whereas the relative realm … Continue reading

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The God delusion

My blog writing has slowed because I’m now well into my novel. My protagonist is now in the Gaza strip and is about to be taken to an Ishraqiya Sufi meeting on the outskirts of Gaza city. He is being … Continue reading

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Postmetaphysical Thinking 3

So what is a 1st person perspective anyway? Where does self-consciousness originate? This is particularly where postmetaphysical thinking (PT) makes its most important advances. PT arises within the cultural-historical context of the differentiation of the value spheres. With this humanity begins to … Continue reading

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The politics of experience

To begin to answer Matthew’s question (that I’ll restate below) I’ve started a new blog entry. For here I think it takes a turn into the practicality of politics. Matthew Newsham Says: “So you are more OK with the WC … Continue reading

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A Roman night

I’ve stopped working. Long story but I’m going to take three or four months off to finish my novel. So to celebrate I stayed up late Sunday night (whoopee) and slept in late this morning. Anyhoo – a bit of … Continue reading

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States & Stages & Whatnot

We’ve branched off in the PM2 blog into an interesting topic that deserves its own blog. I’ve copied and pasted from that blog to here. . Edward Berge Says: October 18th, 2006 at 6:45 pmebuddha said: “A point I”m trying … Continue reading

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Please pass this along now to prevent another stolen election. From the Daily Kos: ACTION ALERT: Blackwell purged Ohio Voter Rolls Oct 1st.- Vote Early. by KStreetProjector Wed Oct 18, 2006 at 05:59:14 AM PDT A friend, in a position … Continue reading

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Lecture on Spiritual Computing by Craig Warren

” Google Tech Talks September 28, 2006 Craig Warren Smith, a Seattle native, is a former Harvard (Kennedy School) professor, a founder of … all » the global movement to close the Digital Divide, and for 30 years a Buddhist … Continue reading

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Response to the Pope

Thanks to Edward for the article about the Pope’s speech. Interesting stuff but ultimately just flawed apologetics and Christian triumphalism. I follow the argument about cultures of reason and I accept the contribution of the Greeks, but man, I nearly … Continue reading

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Islamic imperialism

I’ve written quite a bit on the issue of Islam. I am highly critical of it, after writing on the subject of enlightened secular humanism I think it is fair to say I am highly critical of all ‘religion’. I … Continue reading

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