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Military Commissions Act of 2006

This bill that passed the US Senate today is an outrage to fundamental rights established by the Constitution. Some have questioned whether the US is becoming a fascist State from the previous blog on that topic. But is this yet … Continue reading

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Armchair nonsense versus practical application?

In the I-I forum from which I quoted PricklesPear, both PP and Balder challenge Wilber’s ideas. Another I-I forum regular got exasperated with them and said something like: “You guys are irrelevant with your philosophical nitpicking. Can’t we just go out and … Continue reading

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Perspectives of what?

In the Postmetaphysical Thinking blog we veered off into perspectives and Andy asked if everything is a perspective then does Ken not give any validity to empirical objects? Is it a form of solipcism? I pointed out in that blog … Continue reading

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Recommended: Cultural Software – a theory of ideology

I recently came across this book, also available as a free download under a Creative Commons license. Check it out.

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The political manipulation of islamic fundamentalism

Even in Islam, religion and politics are by no means the same thing.  One very interesting and yet neglected theory for explaining the rise of islamic terrorism is that it is the direct result, not of the religious zealotry, but … Continue reading

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Postmetaphysical Thinking

Alan Kazlev notes in his 8/22/06 blog that Wilber “understands metaphysics only by the popular, non-academic philosophical meaning.” And this: “(note: The ‘post-metaphysics’ in the title of this post concerns Ken Wilber’s interpretation of post-metaphysics (Wilber-V), and not contemporary German … Continue reading

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Are the US and Australia becoming fascist states?

Ray’s comments about corporate-influenced governmental intervention into education, and what is going on with the US governmental crime family…I mean Bush Administration, led me to wonder if both governments are devolving toward, or at least dysfunctional aspects of, lower memes. Recall that Ken … Continue reading

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The Pope and Islam

Another example of Muslim intolerance. In an essay on Frank’s site I discussed the cartoon controversy. Okay, let’s get the caveat over and done with (although I’ve said this time and time again). This is NOT about all Muslims. In … Continue reading

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Is mixing business & education a category error?

In Ken’s IMP we have the different zones with their corresponding methodologies. One zone’s methodologies cannot be applied and reduced to anothers, as they are under different paradigm enactments. Can the same hold true for education and business? It seems … Continue reading

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Failed civilizations

I just thought to add this comment. A few weeks ago I saw an interview on the US PBS Newshour program. Two ‘experts’ were debating the Arab/Israeli conflict. One was an Arab academic at a US university and the other … Continue reading

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