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God – what a nightmare. Damn computers. I’ve just bought a Macbook and I’ve spent the whole weekend copying files, the worst was trying to connect to my cable account. Yesterday the network was overloaded and I couldn’t even get … Continue reading

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Defining Open Integral

Michel Bauwens: I’m leaving the definition of integral for later. But here is what I mean by open. In my own ‘pet’ peer to peer theory, I see 3 paradigms emerging. The first, the free and open paradigm refers to … Continue reading

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What does “Open Integral” mean? Specifically, what does it mean to use “open” as in “open source” as a verb, noun, adjective, and all within the context of “integral?” Many will have something to contribute to this. I look forward … Continue reading

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Welcome to Open Integral

This is the public blog of openIntegral, a community exploring all things integral, both wide and deep. I leave definitions deliberately vague in this first post as i expect there to be debate on what integral thought really is. Other … Continue reading

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