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Aboriginal Australia 3

The debate has been raging on. The government has sent in its task force and all eyes are focused on this problem. The reports that come out are disturbing. An infant with its skull smashed in – her father was … Continue reading

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Integral code of ethics?

The Mackey incident got me to wondering again why we have yet to see something like the above emerge, if not out of I-I that what about us, the general integral community? So I went back to my 04 essay … Continue reading

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Marguerite Duras

Marguerite Duras is a celebrated French author. At the moment in Melbourne there is a one woman play about her life. It explores some of the controversy around her life, namely that at the age of fourteen she had an … Continue reading

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Emerging economic structures

In the Mackey thread I asked if capitalism, as an emergent socio-economic structure, could embody the values that Mackey represents, which seem to arise at a higher level of development. I used the analogy of trying to fit a more … Continue reading

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Integral business practices?

Ken Mackey has been an inspiration to me since hearing of him in Ken’s IN interview. He’s the CEO of Whole Foods and is implementing many of Ken’s ideas into his business. However the below has given me pause to … Continue reading

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Valid filtering or censorship?

We’ve engaged H. DePayens extensively in dialogue recently and it seems he (or she) is becoming more and more personally insulting to those who participate in this blog. H is not without some valid points and those have been answered … Continue reading

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Naivety about Islamic terrorism

The recent attacks in England and Scotland has connections in Australia through a network of doctors and medical workers. People seemed shocked that they could be doctors. Why? The chief ideologue behind al Qaeda, the Egyptian al Zawahiri, was a … Continue reading

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Is there a Western civilization?

I don’t like the term Western civilization. It presupposes a false dichotomy between West and East. In essence there is simply civilization. As I have said before I make reference to the field of political anthropology (Johnson and Earle) and … Continue reading

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