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AQAL Journal

From Frank Visser’s Wilber Watch blog “I was notified of the fact that AQAL Journal, the long awaited “academic” publication on matters integral, has finally been released. At this moment, the available issues (all from 2006, nrs. 1-4), are available … Continue reading

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Incredible dance

I am inspired by the dance of Sam and Denise Miller. They are the current classic and showcase country world champions. If you’d like to see their worlds-winning performances see this link and scroll down a bit. I am awestruck and … Continue reading

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A note on Integral Spiritualy, the draft & book

I do not own a copy of the published book. I only have the draft and use quotes from it. In an earlier thread Joe Perez could not find the quotes I used from the draft in the book so … Continue reading

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Kids on sex education in Oz

I was very encouraged by debate on TV last night (Insight, SBS). The topic was sex and teens. I suppose I’m encouraged because the teens largely agreed with what I’ve been saying in regards to sex education. The program focused … Continue reading

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Integral argumentation

I saw this over at Lightmind Forum by jimsun and felt compelled to share it with you. Integral Argumentation  Step 0: Welcome to today’s Integral Debate! Let’s get started … Step 1: You specialize only in a particular field of knowledge, … Continue reading

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Pheromones and puberty

Just thought I’d add this piece of information to the integral sexology thread. Some recent research into the efects of divorce on children came up with some unexpected results. It seems that divorce and the introduction of non-related males into … Continue reading

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Mental masturbation or Buddhist hermeneutics?

Don’t get me wrong. Plain old masturbation is fun and healthy. I engage it in when I can, which is increasingly less these days as I age and my prostate enlarges. So I have to sublimate my maturbation into words … Continue reading

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Nonduality revisited

In the end of the EI thread I once again came back to how Ken mixes and matches the various kinds and schools of nondualism in his rhetoric, depending on his immediate need. The thing is, he doesn’t take the … Continue reading

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Epistemological indeterminacy

In our latest round of discussion we once again come up against the title of this thread. Ken thinks critics misrepresent him. His critics think Ken misrepresents his sources. The Aurobindians misrepresent Ken misrepresenting his sources. Ray thinks Alan doesn’t … Continue reading

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Magliola reviews Being and Ambiguity by Ziporyn

Brook Ziporyn. Being and Ambiguity: Philosophical Experiments with Tiantai Buddhism. Chicago: Open Court, 2004. xxii + 452 pp. Notes, index. $32.95 (paper), ISBN 978-0-8126-9542-7.   Reviewed by: Robert Magliola, National Taiwan University and Abac Assumption University of Thailand, retired; Seminar … Continue reading

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