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Consciousness Is?

As the discussion is Alan’s original post has veered into another discussion, I’ve copied and pasted the last few comments here to continue this interesting discussion on consciousness. Edward Berge Says: July 29th, 2006 at 12:39 pm e So to … Continue reading

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King Josiah (Hosea)

There has been an interesting German documentray series on SBS over recent weeks. It’s a survey of the current findings in Old Testament archaeology from an independent, secular view. I won’t go into all the detail save to say that … Continue reading

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Lebanon – 2

There was an important point I missed yesterday and that is the culpability of the civilian population in creating their own situation. The term innocent civilian can be misleading because some of the civilian population are Hezbollah sympathizers who fully … Continue reading

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Infantalizing women and children

The issue of extending childhood is a topic I’ll revisit and review from time to time – when I was writing about the age of consent (which I regard as being a small corner of a much larger issue) I … Continue reading

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I’ve had time to digest the news coming out of Lebanon. I like to survey all the reports, both left/right, immediate and considered. There’s the rush to be first with the scoop, the dramatic and shocking images. Reporters battle each … Continue reading

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The Game of Metatheorising

Have a look at David Boje’s site here. This “game” is an interesting concept for supporting multiparadigm perspective taking andfor opening up metatheoretical blindspots. Imagine this game applied to integral approaches with various integral approaches included among those presented here  … Continue reading

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Essay on Integral World

Hi everyone Finally my entire essay – Towards a Larger Definition of the Integral – An Aurobindonian vision and a critique of the Wilberian paradigm – is up on Integral World For those who are interested, the entire series is: … Continue reading

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A further note

I think some of the confusion over this consent issue is understanding the difference between when a person can consent and when a person ought to be allowed to consent. The age for either may be vastly different. I assume … Continue reading

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Consent and stuff

An interesting set of responses to my posts on age of consent. A real case of misinterpretation and misreading. Mark claims I didn’t answer his questions. I thought I did but I’ll try again. But first a clarification. What I’m … Continue reading

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What is enlightenment anyway?

Edward Berge:  I’m creating a new topic from the last comments in the Social Holonic Agency thread, as we came around to enlightenment being a “special case” outside of culture, at least according to Andy. But what is enlightenment? I’ll … Continue reading

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