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A matter of perspective

What’s the difference between a nymphomaniac, a prostitute and a wife? During the act a nymphomaniac says: “Don’t stop!” A prostitute says: “Are you done yet?” A wife says: “I think I’ll paint the ceiling beige.”

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An Integral Approach to Enlightenment and beyond.

I’ve recently become very interested in Sri Ramana Majarshi, whom I contacted via Gangaji.  See my Integral Transformations blog for more.  As a result I find myself feeling the non-contradiction between the respective revelations of Maharshi and Sri Aurobindo. On … Continue reading

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The pre-trans fallacy (fallacy?)

If you’ve read Ken you’re familiar with the pre-trans fallacy (PTF). But is it valid? Is it itself a fallacy? To have a PTF the so-called transrational states of consciousness have to actually be…transrational. And what if they’re not, as I’ve suggested before, but … Continue reading

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The Diversity of the Integral movement

Interesting blog post here The author has reviewed various Wilber critics, and proposes five categories: 1. Metaphysicians: Frank Visser and Alan Kazlev. 2. Deconstructionists: Jeff Meyerhoff (and Geoffrey Falk?) 3. We-Space, Intersubjectivity: Mark Edwards, Edward Berge. 4. Holonic Theory: … Continue reading

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Postmetaphysical Thinking 4: Enter the Dragon

I’ll introduce the evil Dragon of the Habbie/Wilber conspiracy with excerpts from the following article. I will follow up in the comments with more excerpts from various sources showing how the Da’s (no)view is not the relativist bugaboo of integral nightmares but actually … Continue reading

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