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Wilber and Cohen on women

It seems to me that so far, integral theory has failed women. If Wilber’s conversation with Cohen is any indication then I’m afraid things look rather grim. It might not be fair to assess Wilber’s full views from a rather … Continue reading

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What is Enlightenment

Just bought a copy of ‘What is Enlightenment’ (on ‘Woman’). What a bitter disappointment. Now I remember why I gave up buying it. One word – trite. First complaint: Ken is still allowing people to write “Wilber is one of … Continue reading

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Robb Smith, CEO of I-I, responds

Robb responded to the “Reinvention of I-I” thread, an encouraging sign: Robb Smith Says: September 16th, 2007 at 10:07 pm Edward, I tried to reply on the Yahoo discussion board but didn’t have access and decided to reply here. I … Continue reading

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The reinvention of I-I

I attended a meeting of the Santa Rosa Integral Salon (SRIS) this part Wednesday, largely due to Bert Parlee being the guest speaker. Bert is the Chief of Staff at I-I. Within his talk Bert mentioned that I-I is going … Continue reading

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AQAL Journal

From Frank Visser’s Wilber Watch blog “I was notified of the fact that AQAL Journal, the long awaited “academic” publication on matters integral, has finally been released. At this moment, the available issues (all from 2006, nrs. 1-4), are available … Continue reading

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My experience with Ken and I-I

Reading the last entry on the cult risk of I-I prompts me to start recounting my experience with Ken, Don Beck and I-I. It’s a dismal, winter’s day – which is my excuse for writing two entries in a day … Continue reading

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Elliot Benjamin on Ken and I-I

Elliot Benjamin wrote an article in 2005 called “Spirituality and Cults: An Integrally Informed Analysis.” It can be found at He applied some of the methodology included in Spiritual Choices as well as some of Ken’s principles. He analyzed … Continue reading

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Just an inside joke from the early days of the Integral Institute. Originally AQAL (“All quadrants, all levels”) was written as FQAL (“Four quadrants, all levels”) — which can be pronounced as “Fuck You All”. Now more true then ever … Continue reading

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