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Is some of the integral movement neoconservative?

I’ve copied and pasted the last few comments from another thread, as it deserves its own attention. As to who has made such comparisons as the heading suggests, see as one example Michel Bauwens at this link: Matthew says: … Continue reading

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Age of consent, British magazine article

Just read an article in the latest issue of Diva, a lesbian magazine based in England. It contains an article on a new phenomenon, under age girls experimenting with lesbian sex with their friends. The article suggested that whilst some … Continue reading

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History of religion map

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Sex education

Just a short addition to my call for sex education. An opinion piece in today’s The Age makes this claim. “This approach (mandatory sex education), typified in Scandinavia, the Netherlands and Germany gets the results – the lowest rate of … Continue reading

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A new moral compass

Wilber and Cohen engage in another discussion at What is Enlightenment? by the above name. It deals with a number of things including something we touched on: Our own western narcissism in spiritual practice, i.e., doing it for our own … Continue reading

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How much for that spiritual practice in the window?

The issue of selfless service has come up which raises another question for me. Marko emphasized that we must not have a goal in mind when performing it, that we must give this service freely. And this has traditionally been the … Continue reading

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An Inconsiderable Failure (Re-Edit)

Singularity theory (of the technological variety) as held by numerous self-prominent proponents (even when considering the niggly philosophical differences that persist amongst them) remains a nearly psychotic outpost of hyper-elevated, techno-romantic effluvia that’s beyond untenable and profusely, intellectually dishonest: it’s … Continue reading

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Meditate and eat your veggies

Ken has reported on his ordeal at his blog ( with the above title. He seems to being doing much better now. Here’s wishing that he gets well soon.

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Is self-transformation self-centered?

  The following excerpt is from a book review by Mark D. Wood of “Healing deconstruction: Postmodern thought in Buddhism and Christianity” edited by David Loy. It seems Wood’s critiques could equally apply to the main preoccupations in the emerging integral … Continue reading

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