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Books on atheism

I was suggesting to a friend who has studied futurism that we can expect to see a backlash against religion in the next few years, a revival of militant atheism. This is a reaction to eight years of Bush and … Continue reading

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The Internet porn revolution

As a society we are still infected by the sex negative attitudes of the Judeo-Christians. We still think sex is still somehow ‘wrong’. We may have moved on from regarding sex for pleasure as sin, but we still think the … Continue reading

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Integrating validity claims & multiple perspectives

Wilber 5 is arguably about multiple perspectives and their integration. But whereas Ken seems to have a “meta”perspective or “integral theory” to handle this job, Habermas “rejects the idea of a metadiscourse that sorts out these boundary issues [so] he … Continue reading

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The cult of I-I revisited

As Open Integral was initiated in large part as a reaction to Ken’s Wyatt Earp affair and charges of being a cult, here’s a recent discussion from ebuddha on the topic. What do you think? Update on Integral Institute as … Continue reading

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Integral suicide

I’ve often expressed an interest in dealing with policy from an integral perspective. Theory is fine, but how do we put it into practice? I was watching a rather moving documentary on TV. It was an examination of the growing … Continue reading

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Gadamer & Hermeneutics: Whatzit mean?

One thing leads to another, as usual. In the last thread we started talking about coming to an understanding of an author’s meaning. It seems there are more accurate interpretations than others, but who decides and how? Is it the … Continue reading

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