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What is Enlightenment

Just bought a copy of ‘What is Enlightenment’ (on ‘Woman’). What a bitter disappointment. Now I remember why I gave up buying it. One word – trite. First complaint: Ken is still allowing people to write “Wilber is one of … Continue reading

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Talking about sex

It’s been a while since I last posted. I’ve been engaging in discussions elsewhere in cyberspace, mainly combating Christian conservatives (futile, I know, but I had my reasons), until the plug was pulled by a nervous moderator. The subject? Children’s … Continue reading

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The end of America

In the Postmetaphysical Thinking 4 thread I posted the following from John Caputo: “…democracy today is suffering from an auto-immune disease….Democracy today is a victim of the “strange illogical logic” by which a living thing destroys the very thing that … Continue reading

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General Betrayus?

I’m sure you’ve heard of the big stink conservatives are making about the MoveOn ad saying the above. They are outraged and think liberals should denounce such mudraking. George Lakoff has a different perspective. We’ve looked at some of Lakoff’s … Continue reading

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America Beyond Capitalism: What a “Pluralist Commonwealth” Would Look Like

The title of the above is a book written by Gar Alperovitz, a University of Maryland political economist and president of the National Center for Economic and Security Alternatives. This is an extension of an earlier thread here called “Emerging … Continue reading

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Leadership Insights

From the first issue of Leadership Insights, a new e-newsletter from The Poling Group: I am pleased to introduce Leadership Insights, our complimentary e-newsletter designed to offer you a variety of articles and commentaries on the latest thinking, discoveries and … Continue reading

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Robb Smith, CEO of I-I, responds

Robb responded to the “Reinvention of I-I” thread, an encouraging sign: Robb Smith Says: September 16th, 2007 at 10:07 pm Edward, I tried to reply on the Yahoo discussion board but didn’t have access and decided to reply here. I … Continue reading

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The reinvention of I-I

I attended a meeting of the Santa Rosa Integral Salon (SRIS) this part Wednesday, largely due to Bert Parlee being the guest speaker. Bert is the Chief of Staff at I-I. Within his talk Bert mentioned that I-I is going … Continue reading

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Redefining Integral

A few days back I posted an essay on the new, postwilberian, Integral Praxis blog, called Redefining the Integral.  I’m glad to see there’s already some discussion happening there. My basic thesis is that the word “Integral”, and the Integral movement, is … Continue reading

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Thinking Points

I mentioned George Lakoff in the last comment. The Preface from the book Thinking Points follows, published online at the Rockridge Institute. Granted the rhetoric is America-centric but the progressive ideas and methodology contained in the book can be applied … Continue reading

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