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Postformal dialectics 3

I’m starting another thread continuing the re-posting of the Integral Review discussion because we’ve been having technical problems. It seems comments, including my own, have been ending up in the spam bin. We’re working on correcting this so please bear … Continue reading

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Postformal dialectics 2

Here’s a continuation of the previous thread: Gregory Desilet Posted: Mon Nov 05, 2007 5:47 pm Edward raises a couple of points via Andy Smith relating to basic issues in deconstructive and post-formal thinking. A question arises regarding Gary’s citation … Continue reading

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Postformal dialectics

The following is copied-and-pasted from the Integral Review forum on this topic. I pasted the first few posts here and the rest of the posts to date in the comments section. Gary Hampson: Posted: Sat Oct 20, 2007 6:07 am … Continue reading

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Integral reviews postmodernism: the way out is through

The above is the title of an article by Gary Hampson in Issue 4 of Integral Review. IR is doing another of its online discussions, now focusing on this article. It’s a limited, invitation-only forum for active participants but one … Continue reading

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Is Ken right on Derrida?

I’m sure you all know what Ken thinks of Derrida. But is he accurate? And if not, why? Following are excerpts of an “integral” analysis of Derrida that is very different than Ken’s. I’d suggest that if Ken’s kosmic address … Continue reading

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