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Clinton’s Wall Street speeches

See this article. Wikileaks recently has released them and we can see why she didn’t want them made public: They contradict her current statements on a number of issues. In April of ’13 she told Morgan Stanley that she supported the Simpson-Bowles austerity program which would have cut social security benefits. Now she champions increases to social security and instead of austerity favors stimulus. In a 2013 speech she was in favor of NAFTA. But she now rejects the TPP.

So the issue is whether we can trust that she has genuinely changed her positions via an evolution or she is just saying those things to win an election. I also have doubts she is sincere given her history. But it seems the Sanders revolution has made her aware that in order to win she has to move to more progressive policy. And it is up to us citizens to hold her to these policies if she’s elected. We also need to build a strong independent movement and work toward running an independent to primary Clinton in 2020. Clinton just might hold to her promises if we can mount real threat to her Presidency.

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Condoleezza Rice calls for Trump to withdraw

See this article. She has finally had enough and wants Bozo to go back to the hole he crawled out of. She hopes for “someone who has the dignity and stature to run for the highest office in the greatest democracy on earth.” And that ain’t Trump.

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This is for anyone afflicted with meta-madness:

“An excellent 2014 review by the Johns Hopkins University Evidence-Based Practice Center examined 17,801 papers on meditation and found 41 relatively high-quality studies involving 2,993 subjects. Of these 41 studies, only 10 had a ‘low risk of bias,’ according to the Johns Hopkins team. In other words, even the highest-quality studies were, for the most part, carried out and interpreted in a manner that favored positive outcomes.”

“The Johns Hopkins review concludes that meditation programs ‘reduce multiple negative dimensions of psychological stress.’ Sounds pretty good, right? But read the review carefully. The alleged benefits are low to moderate, and there is no evidence that meditation programs ‘were superior to any specific therapies they were compared with,’ including exercise, muscle relaxation and cognitive-behavioral therapy.”

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Trump’s new logo

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De Niro on Trump

I wish progressive politicians had the nerve and authenticity to say it like this. This is what Trump does and his crowds go wild. Progressives need to grow some balls like De Niro and tell it like it is.

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I don’t know it for a fact

I just know it’s true. This has become one of Maher’s favorite bits, playing on the likes of Trump and the GOP who make wild speculations with absolutely no basis in fact. But Maher has turned it into a funny bit. The comments of Kaine and Pence are especially funny.

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Maher debunks Trump’s dark narrative

We’ve heard his narrative, that America is going to hell all because of Tupac in the White House and other dark people. Maher sets the record straight with facts, something unknown in Trump land and the GOP more generally.

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This is the GOP presidential candidate

Makes you proud, doesn’t it? Because you apparently can’t feel shame.

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Congressional Progressive Caucus Budget 2017

See it here to compare it with the GOP budget plan, or even the corporate Dem plan. Granted the CPC proposes budgets every year and they get voted down by all the GOP members and all the corporate Dem members. But the CPC is slowly growing in numbers and some day the American public will wake up enough to vote in more progressive members so that they actually get this agenda implemented. That job is up to us, so get busy people. A few examples of how progressive values are represented in their budget. See it for much more.

Invests $1 trillion to transition to 21st Century infrastructure, which ensures our roads, bridges, railways, and facilities are strong and that no town experiences the devastating effects of crumbling infrastructure we’ve seen in Flint, Michigan.

Expands commitment to create efficient renewable energy and competitive, high-quality green jobs.

Supports wage increases for working Americans, negotiating rights and fair pay.

Reverses harmful cuts and enhances the social safety net.

Provides an increase in Trade Adjustment Assistance for workers displaced by bad trade deals.

Strengthens Department of Justice Voter Protection Programs.

Funds public financing of campaigns to curb the influence of special interests in politics.

Ensures profits from investments are taxed at the same rate as income from work.

Returns to Clinton-era tax rates for households making over $250,000 and implements new brackets for those making over $1 million.

Ends corporate inversions that allow U.S. companies to avoid paying taxes.

Ends unlimited executive pay tax write-offs.

Closes tax loopholes and ends subsidies provided to oil, gas, and coal companies.

Invests in clean, renewable, and efficient energy and green manufacturing.



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