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Integral gender studies

I want to make some suggestions as to what Integral gender studies might cover. First, there’s nothing really new. Wilber’s map is often a way to categorise stuff we already know. It might not have anything new to add. Second, … Continue reading

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Wilber and Cohen on women

It seems to me that so far, integral theory has failed women. If Wilber’s conversation with Cohen is any indication then I’m afraid things look rather grim. It might not be fair to assess Wilber’s full views from a rather … Continue reading

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What is Enlightenment

Just bought a copy of ‘What is Enlightenment’ (on ‘Woman’). What a bitter disappointment. Now I remember why I gave up buying it. One word – trite. First complaint: Ken is still allowing people to write “Wilber is one of … Continue reading

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Talking about sex

It’s been a while since I last posted. I’ve been engaging in discussions elsewhere in cyberspace, mainly combating Christian conservatives (futile, I know, but I had my reasons), until the plug was pulled by a nervous moderator. The subject? Children’s … Continue reading

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Ibn Sayyad

Had an interesting morning in the glorious surrounds of the State Library of Victoria, one of the great libraries. A new book by Irving Zeitlin called ‘The Historical Muhammad’. It’s more or less a review of the literature and he … Continue reading

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Aboriginal Australia 3

The debate has been raging on. The government has sent in its task force and all eyes are focused on this problem. The reports that come out are disturbing. An infant with its skull smashed in – her father was … Continue reading

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Marguerite Duras

Marguerite Duras is a celebrated French author. At the moment in Melbourne there is a one woman play about her life. It explores some of the controversy around her life, namely that at the age of fourteen she had an … Continue reading

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Naivety about Islamic terrorism

The recent attacks in England and Scotland has connections in Australia through a network of doctors and medical workers. People seemed shocked that they could be doctors. Why? The chief ideologue behind al Qaeda, the Egyptian al Zawahiri, was a … Continue reading

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Is there a Western civilization?

I don’t like the term Western civilization. It presupposes a false dichotomy between West and East. In essence there is simply civilization. As I have said before I make reference to the field of political anthropology (Johnson and Earle) and … Continue reading

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Junk memes

An article in yesterday’s ‘Age’ carries good news, the Egyptian government has finally decided to outlaw female circumcision, although I have to say it is outrageous it took them so long. What prompted the decision was the death of a … Continue reading

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