The new confessions of an economic hitman

Things weren’t always the way they are now. But greed and power changed us from having a social contract where all benefited to a corporate contract where only the rich and powerful benefit. And they do it all with lying, cheating spin doctors that talk a good game of social benefit, but which hides the real motives in the results. This is exactly how they get hard-working yet ignorant Americans to vote against their own best interests, thinking they too can achieve fame and fortune if they just work hard enough. It’s a story created by the oligarchs to keep us enslaved, and to blame ourselves or others even worse off, if we don’t achieve that manufactured dream.

However the linked article is hopeful things can get better again if we but frame things in a different way. But that’s going to take we the people to get involved and educated so that we can change our leaders into those that promote such beneficial visions. Until then the greedy bastards will keep spinning the current nightmare.


About theurj

Also known as theurj. I've contributed some essays to Integral World and co-founded Open Integral blog, now defunct. I continue to participate in Integral Postmetaphysical Spirituality forum.
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