GOP cuts to food stamps

See this article. What the fuck is wrong with these cretins? The GOP plans to cut $23 billion to the food stamp program from those who take time off working to either go back to school or engage in training programs. It’s as if they don’t actually want people to better their lives so that they can get better paying jobs. Instead they want to keep them trapped in the poverty cycle of low-paying jobs with little to no benefits to maintain  rampant income inequality so that their oligarchic masters reap all the benefits. If only their base could find out the truth of their policies that contradict their spin. But the media isn’t going to help either.


About theurj

Also known as theurj. I've contributed some essays to Integral World and co-founded Open Integral blog, now defunct. I continue to participate in Integral Postmetaphysical Spirituality forum.
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