Borowitz on Trump’s economic ‘plan’

I realize that calling it a plan is ludicrous. Borowitz nails it again by noting if you’re rich to begin with then no worries. But that’s the only way Trump’s ‘plan’ works and for whom. Borowitz:

DETROIT (The Borowitz Report)—At a speech in Detroit on Monday, the Republican Presidential nominee, Donald J. Trump, spelled out the details of his economic plan, which calls for every American to inherit millions of dollars from his or her father.
“There are people at my rallies, desperate people, desperate because they want jobs,” he told his luncheon audience at the Detroit Economic Club. “Once they inherit millions from their father, they will never want a job again.”
Using an anecdote to show how his economic plan would work, Trump explained, “A man with zero dollars who inherited forty million dollars from his father would become forty million dollars wealthier.”
“We are going to make America rich again,” he said.

Tearing into “the failed economic policies of the Obama Administration,” he argued that children in China are inheriting money from their fathers at a much higher rate than American children are.
“We don’t win at anything anymore,” he said. “We don’t win at inheriting.”
Trump’s plan for wealth creation drew strong praise from his team of economic advisers, including Ivanka, Eric, Tiffany, Barron, and Donald Trump, Jr.

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