Grace VanderWaal wins AGT

Here’s the song that made her famous on YouTube. Yes, she’s talented but a Las Vegas show and $1 million at 12? I don’t see how this sort of fame and fortune isn’t going to corrupt this girl. Of course, dimwit American fans don’t consider such things when they vote on the show. And quite frankly, she was far from the best act this season. Maybe in 4 or 5 years if she gets a lot of polish and training. As it is now, she’ll get that polish all right but also a lot of media and recording execs taking advantage of her and ruining her life for their own profit.


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Also known as theurj. I've contributed some essays to Integral World and co-founded Open Integral blog, now defunct. I continue to participate in Integral Postmetaphysical Spirituality forum.
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