Why Peter Thiel wants Trump

See this article. Thiel hates democracy because it gets in the way of unbridled capitalism. He likes Trump because the latter considers that democracy only applies to certain folks and not others, certainly not Mexicans, Muslims or women. Trump runs his businesses like a dictator and screws over his labor force time and again, as well as shifting jobs overseas where he can take advantage of even lower wages without benefits or other socialist fluff like healthcare or worker safety regulations. He’s also proudly admitted that he takes full advantage of buying off politicians, which only reinforces oligarchic control and further weakens democracy. It’s easy to see why Trump and Thiel are a match made in hell for the rest of us.


About theurj

Also known as theurj. I've contributed some essays to Integral World and co-founded Open Integral blog, now defunct. I continue to participate in Integral Postmetaphysical Spirituality forum.
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