Hobbs on the FBI decision

He has endorsed Clinton but nonetheless said the following here. He is describing not a democracy but an oligarchy.

“Our nation maintains a separate and unequal criminal justice system that is stratified according to wealth and power. […] We cannot ignore that any other career Foreign Service officer or governmental official with security clearances would have been charged with a criminal offense, fired or both. Most would have faced arrest and indictment by federal agents and prosecutors, not a public press conference where the head of the FBI makes arguments usually proffered by defense counsel that has been retained at great expense by the accused. If for no other reason, this is disconcerting because the only thing that keeps our nation of laws intact is belief that no person is above the law.”

“In 2009, President Obama issued Executive Order 13526, one that proscribed penalties for mishandling such information. To be clear, there is no dispute that then-Secretary of State Clinton acknowledged, by signing a nondisclosure agreement, the rules governing the knowing or negligent mishandling of classified information. Nevertheless, Clinton used a private email account and home-brew server located in her New York state home to conduct official business while serving as secretary of State.”

“Comey’s comments constitute a form of legal sophistry in that prosecutors did not need to prove that Clinton intended to commit a criminal act. Comey and staunch Clinton apologists keep providing cover by adding that element — intent — that simply is not needed. Indeed, under federal and state laws, negligence roughly means an ‘indifference’ or careless attitude toward the proscribed conduct and with Comey calling the conduct ‘extremely careless,’ an argument can be made that Clinton was grossly negligent in her acts.”


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